About Teresa O’Loughlin • Missouri Estate Planning Operations Manager

Serving Clients Throughout North Central Missouri

Teresa Oloughlin
Teresa O’Loughlin
Operations Manager

Teresa O’Loughlin is the Operations Manager at our law firm. Her most important responsibility is making sure our office feels warm and welcoming to all our clients. Teresa works hard to ensure that clients have a pleasant experience when they come to our office.

In addition, Teresa has an important role in the law firm’s administrative decisions. She also helps the office run smoothly and efficiently by assisting with the special projects that arise periodically. This assistance gives the other office workers the ability to stay focused on their normal day-to-day responsibilities, so client work is completed on-time, with the highest level of customer service.

Teresa has been married to her husband Michael since 1994 and they have 5 wonderful children: Krista, Jimmy, Kaylee, Breanna and Johnny.