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Family Advisor

Serving Clients Throughout North Central Missouri

It seems that every family needs help once in a while. Michael has been helping families for over 16 years. He can draw upon that experience and his knowledge of the law to guide your family through the difficulty you are facing. Michael understands that being confidential is extremely important. If Michael can be of help to you, please feel free to call upon him any time. It can give families peace of mind knowing Michael is available to help. Michael guides families through many types of situations. Listed below are a few common examples:

Aging Parent Guidance

As loved ones get older, families are faced with new and unique concerns. Michael frequently guides families through the financial and legal difficulties that arise when they have aging parents or other loved ones. Michael does more than simply prepare estate planning documents. He is available to counsel family members on the new and difficult situations they face. Michael can draw upon his years of experience to guide families through concerns such as finding the right in-home care provider, knowing when it is time to take away a parent’s car keys, or helping the parent pay their bills and manage their finances. Often there’s a delicate balance that must be maintained between a parent’s need for being independent and having a feeling of control over their life, and a child’s desire to help and protect their parent.

Family Disagreements

Even the best of families can occasionally have disagreements. When faced with a family issue, sometimes reasonable family members have different opinions on the best way to address the situation. Michael is known for his ability to help families confidentially resolve difficult or sensitive family disagreements. Sometimes he does this by facilitating a family meeting in which everyone can discuss their concerns in a safe, controlled environment. Other times he meets with family members individually. Sometimes simply helping family members understand one another can open the doors to effective dispute resolution dialogue that resolves the disagreement.

Preventive Planning

Some families try to anticipate and get prepared for the different struggles life may have in store for them. For these wise families Michael is available to counsel them on how to minimize those future risks. He truly believes the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Whenever we are faced with something new in life, it’s useful to draw upon the experience of other people who have faced a similar situation. If you would like more information on the Family Advisor services we offer, please call our office at (660) 833-4606 or email us at ClientCare@MoTrustLaw.com to schedule a consultation with Michael at no charge.