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Real Estate & Business Properties

Serving Clients Throughout North Central Missouri

The O’Loughlin Law Firm LLC assists property Buyers and Sellers in commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our firm also serves Landlords and Tenants in commercial and residential leasehold matters.

The real estate services we offer include:

  • Deed Preparation
  • Management of transactions
  • Contract and Lease Drafting
  • Contract and Lease Review
  • Contract and Lease Negotiation
  • For Sale By Owner transactions
  • Mediation of Disputes

Document Review

In Missouri, sometimes a party’s broker prepares real estate purchase and sale contracts. Lease agreements are often created by the Landlord. Other times a party’s attorney prepares these documents. No matter who prepares the real estate documents, these lengthy documents are often written in difficult to understand language. Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, a Landlord or a Tenant, it’s extremely important for you to understand what every word and provision means before you sign the document. These documents can significantly affect the rights of all parties who sign them. Our office wants to make sure your rights are protected, and you understand every word of the document so you don’t have unintended surprises later on. To reduce the likelihood of problems arising in the future, it is recommended that people have an experienced real estate attorney review every contract or lease before it is signed.

Document Negotiation

Many people have the mistaken opinion that the document they are first presented with is a “form” document that cannot be changed. However, the original “form” is really just a starting point in the creation of the document. Whether a provision can be changed is simply a matter of negotiation. Sometimes real estate documents are written fairly for all parties who sign them. However, too often these documents are very one-sided. Our office can negotiate on your behalf to help ensure you are treated fairly and your interests are protected.

Protect Your Real Estate Interests

Our office recommends clients take a proactive approach to real estate transactions. Too often people only hire a lawyer to assist them after a problem has occurred. Sadly, due to drafting techniques and complicated language, contracts can contain hidden pitfalls that may not be discovered by a non-lawyer. These “surprises” can later hurt the unsuspecting person who has signed the contract. A thorough and properly drafted contract can go a long way in giving a client peace of mind.

Timing is Important

Often real estate work has tight deadlines. In addition to being thorough and well prepared, our office takes pride in being very responsive to our clients and completing work on-time.

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, a Landlord or a Tenant, our law firm will be happy to assist you. If you would like more information on the real estate services we offer, please call our office at (660) 833-4606 or e-mail us at ClientCare@MoTrustLaw.com to schedule a consultation with Michael at no charge.